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The Bye-Bye Acne Skin Regimen Includes:

- Magic Bee Facial Cleanser:

Will help get rid of any acne that is already surfaced and about to surface your skin, will also will help with blackheads, and the Vitamin C will also lighten your skin or lighten any dark spots you may have. 

- Caramel Coffee Bean Scrub:

This scrub doesn't just smell amazing, but it can be used on your face AND body. It has several benefits for your skin NOT JUST including your face that include: exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, reduced eye puffiness, and smooth skin to leave your face & body with that amazing glow. 

- Green Tea Detox Face Mask:

Detoxes skin and helps remove all the toxins and chemicals from pores. Reduces puffy eyes, dark circles, treats acne, pimples, and can even help with evening out your natural skin complexion. 

- Golden Glow Serum:

The Golden Glow Serum specifically helps with acne, eczema inflammation, redness, irritated skin, dark circles, scars, aging, and most importantly help your skin get its NATURAL glow on.

Customer Reviews

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When I say me and the detox have a love/hate relationship lol I mean it! It pulls all the toxins out from all the junk I ate within the day and brings the acne to a head, which is great. By the next day my acne is smaller and barely noticeable, I can’t wait to finish out the product and see great results!

Awesome Sauce

I love these products.the advice id give is, when you skin detoxifies or if you have seasonal allergies or breakouts due to hormones, do NOT pop your blemishes because it will be like starting over. Allow the healing properties of the products to work beCause they do work and take away dark spots. My skin was so clear until i decided to keep my hands on my face.also stay in your routine.i didnt at first and regretted it but im back on it. For the glow serum it was better for me to use 3 drops in my hands as opposed to 3 drops on my face for an even spread so one spot wouldnt be more moisturized than the other .I have combo skin so i have to be careful with that.i went on vacation for a week and
Didnt take my products but when i tell you my skin was BEAUTIFUL from the sun and the affects of these products.mmaaannn im glad my face finally found a place to call home and bae told me yesterday my face is so smooth n soft when he caressed me after my coco bean scrub. Happy and loyal client !!products last so long too and a little goes a long way.price us def worth the investment

I just got my order today and I used it for the first time i must say it left my face feeling sm...

Use it just for my face.

Maribel gonzalez
Acne black heads end blemishes

My face need help to oily

No faking!!

I received my package on jume15 and I did a before and after pic and I see the bomb results!!! This really works and this is not a fake review! I swear this product works!!!!!!!! Like butta baby!!!