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Sensitive enough for a baby. Durable enough to remove makeup. Fast, on the go, all natural, intimate cleansing wipes.

Can be used on face & body.


Refresh, rebalance and restore your intimate area all while being able to cleanse and hydrate your skin.


Soothes inflammation & irritation


Can use: before or after a long day, before applying and after for removal of makeup, after gym, yoga, before or after sex


The natural scent this wipe has will trigger your cheerful, youthful, passionate, sexy, confident side.


You can freshen up on the go or even at home.


Say goodbye to feeling self conscious when it comes to your yoni or skin.


1 wipe - individually wrapped

10 wipes - individually wrapped

100 wipes- in a resealable pack


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Best organic wipes!!

Absolutely Love Love Love these wipes and I can't stop buying these! I love the smell and I love the feel! My hunny uses them too! Makes us both feel fresh and clean with a coolness to it! Would recommend 100%!!

Tracey Felton

I am truly obsessed with these Wipes. I’m not even going to get into how many packs I have. I even ordered some for one of my good girlfriends. I have some in purse, at work, in my car…you name it! Lol. They keep you very fresh.

Can’t live without!!!

My first time trying the wipes was with the 10 pack. At first the slight tingle threw me off. My first try was at work but within minutes I felt so refreshed and I swear I didn’t have even the slightest sweaty smell all day. From front to back u stay fresh for hours and it won’t throw off your PH and I’m super sensitive. Now I need the 100 pack, I wish it were cheaper tho

Best Wipes Ever

I LOOVE these wipes! They are perfect, don't ever discontinue them. I use them on my face to remove makeup, on my yoni and bottom. I feel like they have helped with blemishes, and they keep my skin so clean and fresh. They are gentle on my skin and smell nice and fresh. I will keep buying these everytime I run out.


These are the only wipes I use. I would use the flushable wipes and think I was being cleaned so good, until I used The Magic Yoni wipes. I feel so much cleaner. I forgot my wipes that I have at work at my desk and used the toilet tissue and was mad, it didn't feel the same. I love the entire line for the yoni, the wipes, the detox jelly. I have brought wipes for my bathroom, work, car, and gifted my mother. She said she's buying next. Thank you!!!!!