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Detox Jelly is the TWIN SISTER of the Detox Yoni Bar


This Detox Yoni Bar is infused with aloe, and charcoal. Not only will this jelly DETOX your Yoni, This jelly is also going to help with ANY odor problems you may be having rather from BV or After sex odor. After this detox you will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. #GirlPower




  • eliminates ALL odors ( after sex odor or BV )
  • Detox
  • Cleanse
  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Restores PH Balance
  • Healing & Soothing for the Yoni & Body

 ( The difference between THIS and the Magic Yoni Soap is JUST the aloe & charcoal (stronger detox ingredients) you can get BOTH soaps and alternate for extra DETOX ‼️ )

Customer Reviews

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Martine S.
Love this stuff

I love this stuff and don't feel fresh on the rare chance I run out and maybe it's sold out or I'm waiting for it to arrive, and I have to use my old vaginal washes (i.e., Vagi***, Summ*** E*E). The different colors are a nice touch, the 16 oz lasts for 2+ months (at least with me and daily uses), it lathers very well and really my only complaint is the apparent change in consistency in the last year plus...I prefer the former 'thinner' version over the current one (I know it's a 'jelly', but it seems like I use more when a big jelly glob plops out than I did when it was thinner). But I still recommend it and have put a few females on to it and they love it!


I love using this product all around especially during my cycle. It smells so good to me. I use it all over my body as well. I use natural deodorant and found that this helped detox my armpits as well, where I can go with out deodorant without worrying about smelly pits!!

I wish I could give all the stars to this

This right here… husband is now struggling with the pull out method because of how juicy this has made my yoni. GURLL. This is SOOOO worth the money, I love the fresh feeling I get right after the first cleanse because I do it 2-3 times to be sure but I find myself only using it once in the shower because it works that good! Smell is great, the shipping came in fast! Everything was awesome in packaging I love it all!!!