Recipe To 7 figure Soap Making

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Ever wondered how I achieved 7 figure success by making soaps that work? Eager to master the art yourself? Whether it's for thoughtful holiday presents, launching your soap venture, or embracing a fulfilling new hobby, this course is your gateway to soap-making excellence.

Introducing the "Recipe to 7-Figure Soap Making" enrollment exclusively tailored for you. Embark on a journey that commences at the very foundation, showcasing the choices between melt and pour and cold process techniques. We'll delve into every facet, from understanding ingredients, additives, and essential oils, to precise heating temperatures, proper storage, and impeccable packaging strategies.

As a course participant, anticipate a $800 special kit arriving at your doorstep (remember to provide your accurate address) containing an informative course syllabus, a comprehensive supply list, and a starter kit thoughtfully curated to enable soap crafting throughout the course duration and beyond.

Enhancing your learning experience, you'll enjoy the privilege of 2 private coaching sessions with me, each lasting 45 minutes. The first session is scheduled before the course starts, allowing us to align your expectations, while the second session follows the course's conclusion to discuss your achievements, goals, questions/concerns and plan your next steps.

What you get when you join:

- Master the art of soap making in just 5 weeks.
- Learn the melt and pour soap making technique.
- Discover essential ingredients and additives for unique soaps.
- Explore a wide range of fragrances and essential oils.
- Develop various soap-making techniques, from swirls to layers.
- Receive a comprehensive kit with syllabus and supply list.
- Enjoy two private 45-minute coaching sessions for personalized guidance.
- Perfect your soap creations' packaging and presentation.
- Gain insights into setting up a soap-making workspace.
- Unlock the secrets to crafting exceptional soaps.


Discover the artisan within you and embark on this transformative journey into soap-making mastery. Join us and learn to create exceptional soaps, whether for personal delight, entrepreneurial ambitions, or the sheer joy of crafting. Your soap-making success story starts here. Start the journey today and unleash your creativity!


Regular Enrollment: August 12

1st Private Coaching Call: August 21st - 25th

Kits Mailed: August 21st - 25th

Class Begins: September 11th 


Masterclass- November 11th 1 PM CST

If purchasing without kit, make sure you purchase your own supplies to participate live.


Advanced Course Includes:

Everything Above +

Yoni Soap Ingredients, Oils, Blends, Jelly's & Gels, Recipes, Marketing, Net 30/Business Credit, Vendors, + More 



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