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The Glow Scrub is one of the MOST powerful scrubs I have made to help with dark spots yet. It is a gentle but effective turmeric and honey based exfoliator. 


This scrub works great for: 

- All Skin Types (Oily, Dry, Combination, Normal)

- Dark Spots

- Hyperpigmentation 

- Acne Scars

- Face, Dark Inner Thighs, Underarms, Bikini Line / Yoni and anywhere else your heart desires a glow


Key Ingredients:

Raw Organic Honey:

Hydrates & soothe sensitive and irritated skin while also fighting bacteria

Organic Turmeric: 

Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant that gives your beautiful skin a natural glow


Cane Sugar:

Fine grain, super gentle, exfoliates dead skin cells

Golden Glow Serum: 

Hydrates skin & provides the natural GLOW other similar scrubs are missing


How To Use:

(Best if used in or before shower)

Step 1:

Wet / Dampen the area you are wanting to exfoliate / apply the scrub to

Step 2:

Use The Mini Spoon Included (or you can use clean fingertips) to scoop out the scrub

Step 3:

Apply the scrub to wet/damp area in circular motion

Step 4:

Allow scrub to sit for 1-2 minutes

Step 5:

Rinse scrub all the way off and right after follow up with the Magic Jelly, Detox Jelly, or any shower gel of ours ;)

**** Can be used both morning and night for a super glowy, bright, and overall youthful appearance ****


Glow Scrub- No lather & more of an exfoliation 

Foaming Glow Scrub- Lather & more of a gentle exfoliation 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My legs have never felt so smooth!

First off let me say, I’ve used the yoni soap before and YES ladies it does help with what all the other ladies have raved about, from keeping you fresh after you’ve sweated and all. So if you’re thinking about it, get some before it’s sold out again! BUT this GLOW SCRUB THO! Y’all! I’ve always had issues with razor bumps behind my thighs after I shave bc I have sensitive skin and even get them on other parts of my legs etc. but this time I had some back up. Before I shaved I used the glow scrub and when I tell you, the back of my thighs have NEVER been so smooth! And since that first time, I’ve used it every time I shower after I bathed and follow up with the yoni soap and oil! Now I’m just watching to see as it lightens areas where I have hyper pigmentation…will follow up with an additional review! Thanks Natalia! I love the scrub!

This scrub is HEAVEN

Idk about you but I HATE using Turmeric because it stains, BUT the foaming glow scrub got rid of my acne scars in 4 days and I just started using on my inner thighs. Ladies and gent PLEASE BUY IF YOU NEED A GLOW QUICK.