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Kit Includes:

• Magic Yoni 

• Magic Yoni Soap

• Pink Juicy Lips 

• Magic Bomb 


Details on each product:


Magic Yoni:

Do you struggle with vaginal dryness? Bad odor? Want tighter vagina walls? Tired of getting yeast infections? Is your PH Balance off? Just had a baby? Want to add some spice to your sex life? Want to cause your man to drown? Then the Magic Yoni is for you. This amazing pill that you insert in your vagina and let it dissolve and it will make sure you NEVER have a problem with any of the listed issues ever again.




- Odorless, tighter, and juicier vaginas 

- No after sex odor 

- You can be super spontaneous when it comes to sex because you won’t leave an odor behind like normal

- Results within 4-8 hours 

- Results last 2-4 weeks 

- Excellent to use at the end of your menstrual cycle 

- Excellent for constant yeast infections 

- Excellent for women who struggle with BV

- You only need 1-3 pills per month


Magic Yoni Soap:

The Magic Yoni Soap helps regulate the Feminine PH Balance, regulates menstrual cycles and treat conditions like yeast infections, candida, bacterial vaginosis, Itching, Odor, Dryness and more while also aiming to lighten and tone the bikini area that can sometimes grow ingrown hairs and cause unwanted black spots.  Eases menstrual cramps, misc cramps.


FUN FACT: The Magic Yoni Soap can be used as a regular feminine wash for those who aren't dealing with the listed above.

Each soap batch is handmade so colors and patterns will vary.  


 Yoni oil with over 15+ herbs infused in it like Rose Petals, Lavender, Sage & more.

-Organic Oils & butters

- Essential Oils


Pink Juicy Lips:

Pink Juicy Lips is an amazing EDIBLE Lip Exfoliant that not only makes your lips pink, soft, and JUICY bu it also removes all dead skin from lips while also smoothing out and bringing back your natural pink color. It’s edible! You can literally lick it off your lips and be on the road to PINK, JUICY, EDIBLE Lips in NO TIME.


Key Ingredients: 

Granulated Vegan Sugar 

Pink Lemonade

Magic Bomb:

Who wouldn’t want to use the Magic Bomb, an all natural bath bomb infused with rose petals, lavender, vanilla and some citric to create the bubbles and foam. Will NOT throw off your PH balance like most bath bombs do. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanne Emanuele
Definitely size up to the full kit!

I bought the mini kit and I should've gotten the full, the products are amazing! First, the soap smells amazing and is SO pretty! Definitely not something you would hide away. It feels SO good on the skin. The bar itself is so soft so if you want to cut some off (gym bag, friends, etc) the knife goes through like butter. I normally hate bar soap, this is the ONE exception! It's so nice!!! The lip scrub smells amazing, is easy to use, and leaves your lips feeling so soft and light pink and for me, they felt plump. Love that you can lick it off without worrying about chemicals and getting sick. The scrub is awesome too, you'll want to use it with every shower, it smells great and feels so good, and it's packaged so pretty in a glass jar! I haven't used the capsule yet, but I have NO doubts about it after the quality of everything else in the kit! I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Patrice Stokes
You have to buy this guys!

I absolutely loved my full size date night kit. The bath bomb was soothing an smelled heavenly paired wit a glass of wine an some candles around the tub and u have total relaxation. The magic Yoni is very refreshing an I loved the cleansed feeling. The magic Yoni soup is actually my favorite. This I use to wash with everyday and worth wonders with my extra sensitive skin! Ladies this kit is everything and worth every penny!