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The Glow Scrub is one of the MOST powerful scrubs I have made to help with dark spots yet. It is a gentle but effective turmeric and honey based exfoliator. 


This scrub works great for: 

- All Skin Types (Oily, Dry, Combination, Normal)

- Dark Spots

- Hyperpigmentation 

- Acne Scars

- Face, Dark Inner Thighs, Underarms, Bikini Line / Yoni and anywhere else your heart desires a glow


Key Ingredients:

Raw Organic Honey:

Hydrates & soothe sensitive and irritated skin while also fighting bacteria

Organic Turmeric: 

Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant that gives your beautiful skin a natural glow


Cane Sugar:

Fine grain, super gentle, exfoliates dead skin cells

Golden Glow Serum: 

Hydrates skin & provides the natural GLOW other similar scrubs are missing


How To Use:

(Best if used in or before shower)

Step 1:

Wet / Dampen the area you are wanting to exfoliate / apply the scrub to

Step 2:

Use The Mini Spoon Included (or you can use clean fingertips) to scoop out the scrub

Step 3:

Apply the scrub to wet/damp area in circular motion

Step 4:

Allow scrub to sit for 1-2 minutes

Step 5:

Rinse scrub all the way off and right after follow up with the Magic Jelly, Detox Jelly, or any shower gel of ours ;)

**** Can be used both morning and night for a super glowy, bright, and overall youthful appearance ****


Glow Scrub- No lather & more of an exfoliation 

Foaming Glow Scrub- Lather & more of a gentle exfoliation 


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