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For centuries women have always wanted bigger butts. The ideal is curves, and in particular the volume and shape of the buttocks. Before the time of plastic surgery, women often relied on fashion or other deceptive measures to portray larger, curvier, and exaggerated buttocks. Thankfully today there are other avenues. Natalias Magic Skin Care Build a Butt Cream is modern day miracle cream that uses science and nature to boost the volume and shape of the buttocks. Using natural active ingredients to stimulate the body’s own fat generation, it is a safe and painless way to gain delightful bottom curves. Topically applied to the area, it goes straight to work, naturally in uencing the growth of adipose tissue, resulting in more volume and a shapelier butt. Turn heads and drop jaws without having to resort to dangerous or extreme buttocks enhancement surgery, thanks to this viable and smart alternative. Results can be seen QUICKER when you workout!


• Helps increase buttocks volume
• Helps increase the curves and contour of the buttocks
• Uses safe and natural ingredients


How it works:

Using two natural and safe actives to stimulate your body’s own fat production exclusively at the area on which the lotion is applied, Natalia’s Magic Skin Care is the perfect Butt enhancement choice.
Two key ingredients extracted from natural resources boost the skin’s ability to generate fat cells, helping to improve volume and definition naturally.
The first ingredient is Sarsaspogenin. This wonderful extract is derived from the roots of the Asian botanical Anemarrhena Asphodeloides.
It exhibits the ability to promote the natural differentiation and proliferation of lipids which leads to an increase of adipocyte volume in
the fatty tissue. It gradually stimulates the installation and development of a subcutaneous fat layer which provides a plumper, less wrinkled appearance.
The second key active is Macelignan. This remarkable lignin is derived from nutmeg and helps increase adipose tissue through stimulation of the PPAR-Y2 receptors. These receptors are largely responsible for regulating the expression of genes involved in the adipogenesis process. (Fat cell production)



Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Lea C.
This ish actually work

I never leave reviews but I need y’all to know it works. After one bottle and not working out, I just bought two more because this cream got my ass extra jiggly. Ima hit the squats this time though and be extra caked up 🍑😂

Thank you for sharing your products with us bday twin! 🩷

Gloria Burton
Baby Butt Got Phat

I normally don’t write reviews but I just had to tell you ladies that this build a butt cream really does work. I been using it now for 3 weeks and my butt is definitely bigger. I use it on my hips as well morning and night. I do squats as my little exercise. I wish the bottle was bigger for the cost. However, I will be purchasing more because it’s still cheaper than a BBL.
So ladies if you want more butt then purchase this cream. It’s easy to apply no mess nor is it sticky or greasy.

Charlease W
Hubby approves

On my second bottle and I didn’t see much of a difference but hubby did LOL I love that it’s easy to apply and doesn’t take long to rub into area, not greasy or thick like most booty creams. (And I’ve tried a few) This one will be my go to. I wish it came in a bigger bottle. A little definitely goes a long way though. I use morning and night

The Talk

I can't believe the results. I have had friends asking what have I done? They were thinking I had went to overnight BBL Surgeon. Lol. Your no surgeon but a Specialist who provides the BBL just by using the cream. Wtbs my friends have purchased and so has my cousins. This potion that you formulated is working wonders. Keep supplying because I most indeed will be buying. Bet😉💕

Nice Product, great results

This product works. I’m already a curvy woman and had a butt prior to using it but I wanted to shape and add a bit to what I already was blessed with and this product definitely has not disappointed. I’ve only had it for a week and I see results already. I work out 5 days a week so that probably sped up the results (as stated in the description). I love that the results are permanent and a little bit of product goes a long way.