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Get ready to meet your new skin obsession aka new bestie– the Glow Wash! 🌟 It's like that versatile friend who's always up for a good time, whether it's a face party, a body bash, or an intimate get-together😉

Picture this: turmeric, oatmeal, Vitamin C, honey, and lemon – all the A-list ingredients – hanging out in one bottle, just for you. This isn't your ordinary wash. It's the one that's going to even out your skin tone, wave goodbye to dark spots and wrinkles, and help you say ta-ta to those unwanted acne guests👋🏾

Let's break it down: Turmeric brings the good vibes, making sure your skin's all balanced and glowy. Oatmeal and honey? They're the dynamic exfoliating duo that leaves your body and face feeling smoother than silk. Vitamin C and lemon are here to party too, giving you that fresh, revitalized feeling.

And guess what? This Glow Wash isn't just about appearances. It's all about making you feel amazing in your skin, no matter where you use it – face, body, or those intimate areas. It's like a confidence boost in a bottle!

So, whether you're prepping for a big day or winding down after conquering the world, our Glow Wash has your back – and front! Get ready to glow like never before and enjoy skin that's ready to take on anything. ✨🎉



• Even out skin complexion 

• Fade Dark Spots 

• Reduce Wrinkles

• Helps skin achieve natural glow

• Great cleanser and overall brightening wash

• Reduce Acne


Key Ingredients:

• Turmeric

• Oatmeal

• Vitamin C

• Honey

• Lemon  


Can Be Used Twice Daily or as needed

FOLLOW up with the Golden Glow Serum

Customer Reviews

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2nd bottle and it works! It so works! I use it with stretch mark remover and they have lightened up so much! Real healing! Bright!