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The Golden Glow Serum specifically helps with acne, eczema inflammation, redness, irritated skin, dark circles, scars, aging, and most importantly help your skin get its NATURAL glow on.



Witch Hazel

Grape Seed Oil

Safflower Oil

+ 2 more Natural Essential Oils


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
OMG....The Best I want to start off by saying that I never leave a review on products, but this oil right here is the truth. I have struggled with acne off and on since my teens and I wanted to find a regimen where I dont have to use harsh products. As a black woman, I was looking for products suited for our skin and I've tried damn near everything. I have also within the past year tried other oils on my skin and the results were horrible because they broke me out. So I just figured oils were not for me (I have combo oily/dry skin)
I honestly only tried this after reading the reviews and I figured what do I have to lose....understanding that it is going to be a process to find what works best for my skin.
It has been more then a month since I have been using this and my skin has been clear and glowing ever since. For me, it took 2-3 weeks to have clear skin....I think my skin was purging the first couple weeks (nothing crazy, maybe 2-3 bumps here and there).
I now have a skin routine thanks to Natalia's products. I use the Blemish Erase Bar, followed by the glow serum and then a moisturizer (day and night) and the combo has been working wonders for my skin. I even feel more comfortable going out without makeup because it has helped past scars fade away as well. I am a customer for life!

Formula changed

I have been a constant loyal customer of the glow serum and I swear by it. I loved it. But this batch that I got was not the same. Its like she changed the ratio in the formula. I used to smell more of a citrus smell which I loved. Now I smell more natural oil

Lisa Butler
lol for life

I love love love this oils on my face I have oily s king but it melts in my skin , love it


Decided to try this serum out and I was not disappointed!! Has a great smell and feels amazing when I put it on my face. Even when u wake up the next morning after it has sunken in, my skin is super soft. I've noticed it has lightened up some acne dark spots and also helps keep my face clear!! Totally sold and customer for life!!


I love this! I use it every morning and it makes my skin so smooth. I was pregnant and was breaking out bad and it helped it clear my skin so much! I’m almost out of mine so I need to order another !!!